Testimonial 5


Sarah Kennett is a serial entrepreneur involved in three businesses: Science Cafe, Kennett Electrical and All Fertility.



Science Cafe

I spoke to Gary this morning over breakfast at the Priory hotel and thought I would share my experience with the University so far.

As a multiple small business owner, meeting Gary at a networking event has transformed every business in which I am involved. The first was the productivity grant with Jason and his team. This process has made us think about the following stages for Kennett Electrical and Compliance developing into electric vehicle charging and solar panel installation. The equipment application has accelerated our development as we now have the means to work in this direction. This application has helped not only the business but also the environment.

The learning that I have gotten from the productivity hubs has enabled me to put some seeds of development into my tutoring business Science Cafe. I have looked at alternative funding sources to develop online resources and services for low-income families that, traditionally, tutoring would be too costly. Meeting the Threadgolds has given me a more customer focus look at my business here and why I started it.

And finally, the opportunity to be part of the accelerator program for All fertility check has been a personal journey with this business, and the learning and development provided in this program are fantastic. We are only two sessions in, and I am already thinking about how this business needs to develop and putting business plans in place. I have cleared my diary and eagerly await the next session. Yesterday I had some imposter syndrome, and I feel like I can add something to the group.

I just wanted to thank you both, as this transformation would not have happened without meeting you.


Sarah Kennett


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