Case Study 14

Jason Threadgold Funeral Director

The Accelerator Programme has already benefited dozens of businesses in Lincolnshire. Here are some shining examples of business owners who have made a commitment to the success of their businesses by participating on previous Accelerators.

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Nichola and Jason Threadgold


The gold standard in compassion

When Nichola and Jason Threadgold combined their 42 years of experience in funeral direction to set up Jason Threadgold Funeral Director in 2014, the principles of honesty and integrity were at the forefront of the business.

With funeral homes in Scunthorpe, Barton and now Brigg, Jason Threadgold is the only funeral directors in the area that is both run by a family couple and is still independently owned.

Nichola and Jason have guided thousands of local families through what can be an extremely difficult and emotional time and they feel privileged to be entrusted with the care of so many loved ones.

Jason and Nichola Threadgold


In the early years the business grew, very successfully, to a £1mn turnover. However, getting beyond this figure eluded the couple and with ambitions to double the turnover to £2mn, Nichola and Jason realised they needed some external advice.

Taking on a business adviser was a real turning point for Jason Threadgold and then through an introduction to Gary Mumby, Nichola and Jason became aware of the Productivity HUBs Programme at the University of Lincoln.

The Solution

The Programme provided an opportunity for the company to review its business strategy and for Nichola and Jason to meet like-minded business owners with similar drive and ambition. Getting an external perspective, and seeing their business through others’ eyes, has also been incredibly empowering.

The couple found the session by Craig Collinson particularly useful, enjoying his thought processes and applying the advice he gave to the business plan and ultimately to the pitch that Jason and Nichola gave to the grant funding panel.

The result? Jason Threadgold successfully bid for grant funding, which will be used to develop the company’s branding, to create a new website and implement a digital marketing campaign.

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Jason Nichola Threadgold

The Verdict

From the entrepreneur

“We have met some of the boldest and best business people we’ve ever come across and the whole process has been enlightening” said Jason Threadgold. “It has taken us out of the day-to-day and allowed us to focus on what we need to do to grow the business.”

Nichola Threadgold adds to this “We now understand our business far better and have the information to make better decisions. On a personal level, being part of the Productivity HUBs Accelerator Programme has given me a new-found confidence. I’ve found my voice and realised the value of my role within Jason Threadgold Funeral Directors. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

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